Travel News (Feb 2019) – Kings Ride

It has been reported that there will be roadworks on King’s Ride by entrance 3 to Heatherwood Hospital starting on Monday 17 February, 2020, and going on for the next 10 weeks. Three way traffic lights will be in operation, so probably best to give yourself more time if you are planning to use this route.

Travel (Dec 2019) – South Ascot and Windsor

Work on laying electricity cables through South Ascot has been completed. There are currently no related roadworks between Ascot and the A30.

However, it is reported that traffic going into Windsor during the rush hour is even heavier than usual. This may possibly be due to the current rail strike.

Access to the Ascot Medical Centre

The entrance to the Ascot Medical Centre off King’s Ride has been closed and is likely to remain so for some time.

The revamping of Ascot, in particular Heatherwood Hospital, is well underway and the only way into Ascot Medical Centre is as follows:

Enter off London Road at the entrance nearest the War Memorial Horse Roundabout, turn right and drive to the end of the car park, past the Disabled Bay slots, turn left though the narrowing bit, follow the road around to the right, go down the slope passing the hospital buildings on either side and,  finally, turn left into the Ascot Medical Centre car park; you will see that is barricaded/walled in, so this is the only way to get in …. and out! 

The home page of the Ascot Health Centre website has a slideshow which displays seven pictures. If you watch it then you will eventually see that one of them has an aerial shot of the Heatherwood site with a hand-drawn line in red which indicates the route from London Road to the centre.

Increase in Charging Rates

The rates which are charged by our drivers will be increased with effect from September 1st, 2019.

The new rates are: £5 for a local journey; and 50p per mile for journeys outside the local area.

This will be the first increase in rates since April, 2011.