The main role of the Ascot Volunteer Bureau (AVB) is to provide transport for local older residents, running them to medical appointments at the GP surgery, hospital, dentist, physiotherapist, chiropodist, chiropracter, et cetera.

Our drivers will pick you up from your home, take you to your appointment, either wait for you or arrange to pick you up on completion of your appointment, and then drive you back home.

Please note that our drivers use their own vehicles. We cannot cater for people in wheelchairs, nor can we transport wheelchairs. You must be able to get into and out of the vehicle without assistance. It is alright if you need to use a wheelchair at the hospital end.

We can drive you to both local and longer distance hospital appointments, London being the most obvious example of destinations that are further afield.

A small charge is levied to help with the driver’s costs: this is currently £5 for any local journeys within the Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale areas; and 50p per mile for longer journeys.

If you wish to use the service please see Booking Transport on the Contact Details page. The information can also be found on the right-hand side of this page if you are using a PC, laptop or tablet.

If you are new to the AVB service, please note that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) means that AVB clients must now give us explicit permission to hold their personal details. See the client consent form section on the right-hand side of this page.

As we have to find a volunteer driver who is available on the day of your appointment we ask you to give us as much notice as possible. Two days is the minimum although more notice would be preferable, particularly for longer journeys.

It would also be useful if you could let us know of any mobility problems that you may have so that we can ensure that a suitable car / driver is made available.

Please note that we currently only have sufficient drivers to meet the demand for transport to medical appointments. We are therefore unable to satisfy requests for transport for other reasons.

If you do not reside in the area that we cover (Ascot, Sunninghill and Sunningdale) check out the links page where we include contact details for neighbouring organisations who provide a similar service.